Forbes: What To Consider When Evaluating Hosting Solutions For Your Business

Webair’s CTO, Sagi Brody, looks into key concerns you might already be asking about the hosting solutions of your business.

By Sagi Brody, CTO

Having spent nearly 20 years with a managed hosting and cloud services provider, I’ve had a front-row seat to the growth and evolution of the hosting industry. Over the years I’ve gathered insight that can help organizations looking to discover the right solution to fit their needs, whether securing a fully-managed service, outsourcing part of their infrastructure to a third-party provider, or managing all services in-house.

If one thing is certain in the managed services ecosystem, it’s that technologies become more complex as they evolve. Take real-time disaster recovery, for example. There are myriad tools that enable companies to do this themselves, but the skill level, around-the-clock monitoring and time needed to manage it properly can still extend past the reach of an in-house IT professional, depending on the organization.

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