Webair’s “WE CARE” Initiative Leads The Way In Eco-Friendly Managed Hosting Solutions

Webair, a global leader in managed hosting services, is leading the way with a socially conscious business model that meets the needs of clients while conserving and restoring the resources of this planet. New York, NY – September 22, 2010 – Managed hosting solutions company Webair (www.webair.com) has pledged to plant one tree with American Forests for every new server sold. As a part of the “WE CARE” initiative, Webair is committed to reducing their carbon footprint as they lead the way with a socially conscious business model that meets the needs of clients while effectively conserving energy and restoring the resources of our planet. As their first order of business in commitment to the “WE CARE” initiative, Webair will be planting thousands of trees in less developed areas through the Global ReLeaf Forests program. The “WE CARE” initiative also includes partnership with energy tracking and conservation company EFT Energy, Inc., community outreach and global support services for underprivileged and underserved communities worldwide while serving as a model for socially responsible, eco-friendly businesses. “Being a socially conscious company and looking for ways to give back to our community is part of the Webair company philosophy and something we feel passionate about,” said Michael Christopher Orza, CEO of Webair. “Launching the ‘WE CARE’ initiative is just the start of the many plans we have in order to make a difference.“ Webair continues to offer progressive hosting solutions including many eco- and energy-efficient options for their customers, giving them the power to give back. A “Green Power” option on dedicated servers allows clients to reduce the amount of power consumed by setting their CPU to automatically clock down when not in use, clocking back up when needed. Webair Cloud Hosting and Cloud Storage solutions require fewer physical servers, reducing overall power consumption while providing clients with a scalable, redundant hosting platform. Webair practices socially responsible corporate behavior in their day-to-day operations, by seeking out and utilizing eco-friendly/green products whenever possible, encouraging employees to participate in tax-free public transportation programs for their commute, and proactively taking part in recycling programs. It’s all in keeping with their goal of giving back to the society and the planet that has given so much. About Webair: Webair is the leader in socially responsible managed hosting solutions with a variety of web hosting services available to businesses of every type and size. For more information, visit www.webair.com or contact by phone at 1-866-WEBAIR1.