Webair’s CDN network is now officially supported by JW Player!

JW Player is the most popular flash player on the internet and now Webair Content Delivery Network is an officially supported CDN solution! JW Player is active on over one million websites globally and streams billions of videos each month. It is used by a diverse group of publishers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual bloggers. Webair Advanced CDN technology provides unparalleled throughput and responsiveness — video plays smoothly without stalling or choppiness;,audio files start instantly, as if they were on your hard drive and software downloads are lightning fast! Our global network and nearly instant replication put your content where it needs to be from the moment it’s uploaded, modified or deleted. This allows you to deliver faster performance to more of your online customers around the world. Now you can distribute media faster without having to movie your servers! Contact us today for more information on Webair’s Advanced CDN sales@webair.com