Webair Unveils New Custom Virtual Hosting Platform VSYS®

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Webair Unveils New Custom Virtual Hosting Platform VSYS® NEW YORK, NY – Since 1996 WEBAIR has been committed to offering the best possible web hosting hosting services available. In the always changing online marketplace, the needs of clients evolve quickly and transitions take place. Now, after more than a decade in the Hosting business, Webair is proud to unveil it’s greatest and most flexible hosting option ever, the VSYS virtual hosting system! Over the years Webair has assisted many clients in growing their businesses from small start-ups into industry leading brand names. That experience has made it clear that Hosting systems need to be scalable if it they are intended to best serve its customers. The WEBAIR VSYS® virtual hosting system is the perfect platform to handle continuous growth because it allows you to seamlessly add storage, bandwidth, additional IP addresses and other elements of capacity to your site as you succeed in surpassing the many milestones of online success. “The new VSYS® hosting platform offers unparalleled security and reliability in a shared hosting environment. A traditional host will share resources between all of the users making it increasingly difficult to properly secure. This is especially true considering the fast paced evolution of web hosting software and technologies we work with today. Our technology takes a slightly different approach by assigning each virtual hosting client their own apache instance. All apache applications and modules natively run as this distinct user, eliminating the need for complicated security and per-user or per-site configuration mechanisms.” said Michael C. Orza President & CEO of Webair. “While some hosting companies struggle to keep up with the demanding challenges and changing technologies of virtual webhosting environments, Webair embraces them and our pioneering new VSYS® virtual hosting technology platform proves it.” Your virtual account with Webair can be easily upgraded to make use of dedicated servers, load balanced clusters and even CDN hosting with little or no downtime. That gives you the flexibility to start with an inexpensive virtual hosting account and expand as you grow to thousands of servers while retaining the same control panel, login/passwords, web site paths, software versions, and even the same IP address! Whether you are a certified IT expert needed detailed system specs or a novice webmaster with many more basic questions, Webair can accommodate your needs. Visit www.webair.com so that a representative can take the time to demonstrate what VSYS can do for you and your business. After all, being a great Host is what they do best.