Webair to offer ransomware recovery-as-a-service via PacketFabric

Originally posted to Capacity Media by Natalie Bannerman,

Webair announces the availability of its ransomware recovery-as-a-service and compliance cloud offerings across 130-plus nodes through PacketFabric’s SDN-based network.

Webair customers now benefit from automatic application failover during a disaster or ransomware attack, using PacketFabric’s any-to-any mesh across North America. This allows businesses to continuing operating in the case of a cyber-attack and means that service remains uninterrupted.

The new service works by providing automated increases in bandwidth and connectivity upon detection of failover events. Customers can choose to replicate their data and applications at any one of Webair’s international locations, such as New York, Los Angeles, Montréal or Amsterdam. With pre-planned, automated failover and failback between production and recovery sites, users can create recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives of seconds.

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