Webair Teams Up With EFT Energy, Inc. For Groundbreaking Energy-Efficient Hosting

New York, NY (October 20, 2010) – Webair (www.webair.com), an industry leader in managed hosting solutions, announces they are working with EFT Energy, Inc. to better manage energy consumption. The agreement comes on the heels of Webair’s recent unveiling of the “WE CARE” initiative, a venture designed to support the environment and the community. Webair will use EFT’s Energy Manager AutoStart software to assess and monitor Webair’s total energy consumption in order to help lower overall usage. The system provides live and historical data for all datacenter power usage, including HVAC units, UPS, PDUs , IT load and Generators. This will allow Webair to zero in on inefficient power usage as well as identify times of high energy usage and seek to redress them. In addition, AutoStart will assist in identifying energy and cost-saving opportunities, as well as promoting best practices that maximize power utilization. Michael Christopher Orza, CEO of Webair, said “Webair is thrilled to be the first US datacenter to partner with EFT Energy. After seeing the environmental value that energy assessment has brought to European companies and recognizing EFT’s proven experience with web technology sectors in Ireland and the UK, we knew that it would be a perfect fit for us. We strive for conservation and sustainment of our earth’s resources, and know our clients will appreciate our continual efforts to better our community, society and earth.” Webair is dedicated to eco-efficient hosting solutions. The organization’s Cloud Hosting and Cloud Storage systems utilize less physical servers in order to reduce unnecessary power use. Webair also includes a “Green Power” option on dedicated servers that lets clients reduce power when CPUs are not being used. Webair is the first US datacenter to use EFT Energy’s services. According to recent studies, energy monitoring can reduce the use of energy by as much as 15%. About Webair: Webair is a leader in managed hosting solutions founded in 1996. Webair offers a variety of Web hosting services including domain name registration, dedicated servers, and cloud computing. The company’s recent “WE CARE” initiative includes all manner of green practices, including reduced energy consumption and a pledge to plant a tree for every server sold. Read more about the Webair “WE CARE” initiative at www.webair.com/about-us-we-care.html. About EFT Energy, Inc. EFT Energy, Inc. has been providing energy management solutions to commercial, industrial and government entities for over 12 years. EFT’s Energy Manager AutoStart technology gives managers the tools they need to implement green decisions involving energy consumption. Find out more information at www.eft-energy.com.