Webair Presents Powerful New Cloud Storage Solutions

Webair Presents Powerful New Cloud Storage Solutions (New York, NY) – Webair, online hosting vanguard, has introduced a new Cloud Storage system designed to give clients a hosting advantage that reduces administrative overhead and increases data redundancy and flexibility, making it the ultimate in managed storage solutions! Webair’s Cloud Storage architecture was designed and developed to specifically address the needs of storing, managing and accessing file-based data and other digital content. This enables businesses to create a single, shared pool of storage that can modularly scale to more than 2.3 petabytes of capacity and deliver data throughput of up to 20 GB/second, achieving the type of industry-leading capacity and performance required by next generation enterprise data centers. With reduced points of failure and seamless scalability clients can use as much storage as needed.  Unlike a physical drive, the size of the partition will grow on the fly as Webair Cloud Storage allows you to tap into unlimited scalability and growth while reducing growing pains.  All data is saved across our cluster multiple times so should a drive or multiple drives in the cluster fail, there is no loss of service and no chance of data loss. “Our clients look for increased speed and seamless scalability, and the days of adding individual hard drives and trying to keep up with the next wave of digital media demands have ended. The Webair Cloud Storage system uses multiple nodes with multiple drives and balances data requests across a vast secure network” said Webair’s President, Michael Christopher.  “Bottlenecks are no longer an issue with data guaranteed to be served from hundreds of physical hard drives, providing unprecedented storage scalability and performance. Webair manages the back-end, which enables our clients to better spend their time improving their bottom-line. Our new cloud hosting solution is a great way to backup any existing content servers, or replace them altogether.” Each modular self-contained node of the Webair Cloud Storage contains disk capacity with a powerful storage server, CPU, memory and network connectivity. As additional nodes are added to any cluster, all aspects of the cluster scale linearly including capacity, throughput, memory and CPU processing power. Nodes automatically work together, harnessing their collective power into a single unified storage system faster, more durable and easier to manage than any stand-alone server system. Webair’s expert technical staff provides the back-end support and software upgrades needed to ensure that data is cared for with state-of-the-art fully updated software. To learn more about Webair Cloud Storage  and other hosting solutions contact an account manager via www.webair.com or email sales@webair.com.