Webair Joins i2Coalition’s Fight for an Ideal Internet Environment

In a world where issues like Internet privacy, patents, cyber-security and computer crime are hot topics  throughout Washington, it’s critical that the true Internet professionals are engaged and heard in order to for continued growth and innovation.  The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) provides that critical platform, bringing together those who make up the heart of the Internet community, driving a growing Internet environment through solidarity and engagement.

Recognizing the importance of such a coalition, Cloud Hosting, Colocation and Managed solutions provider, Webair has formally announced their affiliation with the i2Coalition, joining the fight to protect the rights and privileges of customers and users globally.

By joining the i2Coalition, Webair hopes to assist the organization in developing an ideal environment for users around the world, establishing a system that will generate growth and innovation throughout the industry. Through the education of legislators, regulatory agencies, media and more, Webair believes that i2Coalitions vision for advancing the Internet can become a reality.

To learn more, read the full release here.