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Webair breaks incubator mold

For a firm eyeing the future, Webair is remarkably well-rooted in the past. The Garden City tech company is headquartered in a a building that’s been Doubleday Publishing’s offices and JetBlue’s Flight Operations Center. But in with the new: The firm’s temperature-controlled, escorted-access, 25,000-square-foot flagship data center, dubbed “NY1,” features direct access to transatlantic fiber providing the best connection speeds to Europe of any U.S. data center. But in an era when tech startups are considered Long Island’s last, best economic hope, Webair’s most intriguing trait may be its unique spin on the co-working phenomenon. Within its ample offices, it hosts tech startups in search of space and mentoring, in exchange for access to the startups’ brainpower. There are other business accelerators, but none like this: Webair has a separate, primary function and revenue source, and incubates on the side. Software developers Interconnecta and Clerk 123 and cybersecurity firm Integris Security currently share Webair’s sprawling center, qualifying it as one of Long Island’s busiest business accelerators. Webair moved to Garden City in 2010, creating a headquarters for  operations in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Montreal and Amsterdam. About 50 data center employees, mostly technicians, fill a cubicle-lined space that could easily accommodate twice as many, leaving plenty of room for the guest companies. The advantages flow both ways. The startups gain access to Webair’s many trappings, including a super-secure 24/7 work environment, uninterrupted emergency power provided by dual 600-kilowatt diesel generators and the wisdom of veteran tech professionals with decades of experience. Webair Long Island Business News Cover Story http://libn.com/2013/08/09/webair-breaks-incubator-mold/