Webair is here to assist Nirvanix customers

News reports have stated that Nirvanix is closing its cloud services and that current Nirvanix customers have a deadline set of October 15 to remove data. This will be a very challenging time, especially for those with large amounts of data to migrate.

Webair is here to help!

If you are currently a Nirvanix customer, you can take advantage of free data migration services to Webair Cloud Storage and also receive Cloud Storage credit of $500. For details on this special offer, contact our Sales Team today.

Why Webair?

Webair has been in business since 1996 with over 16 years of experience in hosting storage solutions. Webair’s cloud storage is a service built around a scalable cluster of storage nodes. Data is stored on all nodes and duplicated many times over across the cluster to provide extremely high speed, redundancy, and data protection. Webair’s cloud storage architecture was designed and developed to specifically address the needs of storing, managing and accessing file-based data and other digital content. The enables businesses to create a single, shared pool of storage that can modularly scale to more several petabytes of capacity and deliver data throughput of up to 20 GB/second, achieving the type of industry-leading capacity and performance required by next generation enterprise data centers. Each modular, self-contained node contains disk capacity along with a powerful storage server, CPU, memory and network connectivity. As additional nodes are added to a cluster, all aspects of the cluster scale linearly, including capacity, throughput, memory and CPU processing power. Nodes automatically work together, harnessing their collective power into a single unified storage system.

Other Solutions

In addition to Cloud Storage, Webair has several Cloud services that can compliment your storage needs including: Webair Public Cloud, Webair Private Cloud and Webair FusionCloud. We look forward to helping you make a smooth transition. Call us with any questions at 866-WEBAIR-1.