Webair Introduces Customized Disaster Recovery Solutions

Webair’s customized disaster recovery solutions provide companies with the ability to ensure they are operational both online and off. New York, NY October 26, 2009 — Webair (https://www.webair.com), a global leader in managed hosting services, announced the offering of customized disaster recovery plans including remote location website failover, offsite backups, disaster recovery seats and providing emergency office space that is completely outfitted and ready for immediate use in the event of a disaster. “Having a concrete disaster recovery plan in place is a vital part of every company’s business model in today’s market place,” says Sagi Brody, CTO of Webair. “With our multiple datacenter locations, disaster recovery seats and Webair Cloud Storage, existing clients as well as those that host elsewhere can benefit by leveraging our wide range of services.” By creating a mirrored setup of existing infrastructure regardless of current location, the client now has the ability to instantly and automatically handle all traffic should the primary site go down without requiring IP or DNS changes. Brody went on to say that “by offering unlimited storage, clients only have to worry about upgrading capacity on their production infrastructure as capacity needs grow. They no longer have to do ‘double upgrades’ by upgrading backup resources. Webair’s Cloud storage will automatically grow with the user’s primary infrastructure and no upgrades are required thus making it easier to manage”. “Instead of having an exact duplicate server for the purpose of failover, added Brody, clients can now use the Webair Cloud VPS Service as a backup to physical servers. This greatly decreases the cost of a failover server that is only used when the primary server goes down. It also allows for storage to grow as the primary server’s storage needs grow, eliminating the need for upgrades.” Data is an irreplaceable asset; Webair helps their clients pinpoint the potential risks and provides a customized solution to meet each of their unique requirements. Webair has brought together many of its product offerings to create custom failover solutions to ensure peace of mind to all types of businesses based on their individual requirements. About Webair Internet Development, Inc. Founded in 1996, Webair.com provides viable web hosting and managed solutions for companies of all sizes and is recognized as a global leader in the industry. With datacenters in New York, Long Island, Los Angeles, Montreal and Amsterdam, Webair continues to grow while leading the way with cutting edge technology, exemplary customer service and the value added extras that provide their customers with the peace of mind they expect. For more information on Webair, visit https://www.webair.com or email sales (at) webair.com