Webair FusionCloud Provides Unprecedented Cloud Speed and Performance

Webair FusionCloud Provides Unprecedented Cloud Speed and Performance New York, NY (February 21, 2012) – Webair (www.webair.com) continues to evolve its industry leading cloud hosting technology by providing the fastest disk speeds possible in the Cloud through a new partnership with Fusion-io. Backed by state of the art Fusion ioMemory, Webair has deployed Cloud hosting infrastructure that provides 100 times the IOP/s performance of other solutions by guaranteeing 10,000 IOP/s per instance. This breakthrough technology puts Webair at the forefront of cloud computing by successfully supporting even the most intensive and demanding applications, such as database servers, video encoders, data analytics and industrial content delivery products. Webair FusionCloud servers provide clients with the fastest disk speeds available in the Cloud, along with the benefits of Webair’s cloud server infrastructure hardware, network and disk redundancy – each FusionCloud server includes Fusion-io volumes guaranteed to deliver 10,000 IOP/s. Webair Cloud Servers are capable of the most intensive data transfer projects, with multiple slices that can be provisioned between physical Fusion-io cards to achieve even faster speeds or to allow for RAID-1 configurations for card redundancy. Providing the fastest, smoothest and most reliable user experience for clients, Webair FusionCloud is a technological breakthrough that can bring all digital endeavors to the next level. “Even when compared to traditional physical servers running on solid state disks, the new Webair FusionCloud Servers outperform them by a margin of two to one,” said Michael C. Orza, President of Webair. “Traditional approaches to dealing with I/O intensive applications in the cloud have been to create multiple server instances and scale horizontally. While this solution works, it often discourages clients from moving off physical hardware because of the immense technical complexity required to manage such an environment. One Webair FusionCloud server provides the same disk performance as 100 traditional cloud instances. This allows clients the ability to convert even the most powerful physical servers to a cloud environment.” Webair FusionCloud is true high availability cloud computing infrastructure that harnesses the fault tolerance of enterprise grade hypervisors to keep cloud servers up and running without downtime, as well as redundancy between physical nodes, SAN disks, network switches & routers. Every FusionCloud account includes a free industry standard software stack pre-installed, guaranteed memory capacity and instantly upgradeable service plans. For more information, visit https://www.webair.com/webhosting-cloud-fusion.html or email sales@webair.com. Follow Webair on Twitter: @WebairInc and Facebook: facebook.com/WebairInc. ***