Webair Donates Meals and Personal Protective Equipment to Frontline COVID-19 Workers in New York

Although Webair may operate globally, we have strong roots on Long Island, NY. Long Island is our home; it’s where we’re headquartered and where our company was born over two decades ago.

New York was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and is considered to be the epicenter of the entire country. During this time of unprecedented fear and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, frontline workers such as those in healthcare and police departments haven’t missed a beat. They continue to help New York conquer the Coronavirus, and their dedication and bravery during this pandemic is truly remarkable.

To show how much we truly appreciate the dedicated professionals fighting on the frontlines of COVID-19 and all the risks they take on a daily basis to ensure our health and safety, Webair partnered with a Long Island-based restaurant and a NY-based nonprofit organization to donate meals and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to hospitals and police forces throughout Long Island and Manhattan.

Feeding the Frontlines

Webair & O Sole Mio donating meals to departments treating COVID-19 patients at LIJ Medical Center.

Around the world, dedicated healthcare workers are helping patients get through this difficult time, putting their own well-being at risk by facing the Coronavirus head-on. To show these extraordinary, selfless healthcare heroes on Long Island how much we appreciate their hard work, Webair teamed up with O Sole Mio, a restaurant located in Stony Brook, New York, to feed the frontlines. Together, we were able to feed over 1,000 healthcare workers fighting on the frontlines of COVID-19 at Southside, St. Francis, NYU Winthrop, LIJ Medical Center, and Stony Brook hospitals.

“As we find ourselves in such sad and unprecedented times, we need to do all we can to help one another. This partnership to ‘Feed the Frontlines’ with restaurant owner Gina Mazzola from O Sole Mio is the least we can do to help all the individuals who put their lives on the line for us all, day in and day out. We are truly grateful for their dedication, bravery, and service.”

– Michael C. Orza, CEO of Webair

Protecting Our Protectors

It’s no question that the demand for Personal Protective Equipment such as masks and gloves has hit an all-time high with the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing. Unfortunately, this made it difficult for people who dedicate their lives to protecting people to acquire all of the necessary protective equipment to keep themselves safe. Webair wanted to help protect our protectors by ensuring that the exceptional frontline COVID-19 workers who risk their lives protecting us are able to protect themselves.

Webair joined forces with Be The Spark, a NY-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to “[inspire] positive change and [enrich] the lives closest to you,” to provide Personal Protective Equipment to frontline healthcare workers. Together, we provided Personal Protective Equipment to 10,000+ frontline healthcare workers at New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital, New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, Southside Hospital, Stony Brook Hospital, LIJ Medical Center, and NYU Winthrop Hospital. Webair also donated Personal Protective Equipment to those who protect and serve to keep us safe every day, including the Huntington Police Department and the NYC Police Department.

It’s times like these where we all need to stick together and provide a helping hand. Together, we will get through this and come out stronger than ever before! On behalf of our CEO and the entire staff at Webair, we want to thank every single worker fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines. Words cannot even begin to express the level of gratitude we feel towards these dedicated, brave, and selfless individuals who put their lives on the line for us every single day.