Businesses with remote workers need secure systems that provide reliable access to critical files, data, and platforms.

IT managers responsible for these secure systems face daily struggles: 

  1. Implementing & managing efficient security or application updates
  2. Protecting mission-critical data and application from malware or malicious activities
  3. Ensuring systems have proper authentication to prevent unauthorized access

Webair’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions streamline user access, increase IT efficiency, and protect sensitive data and applications – all while increasing user and enterprise mobility.

With Webair’s VDI services, IT managers can push out updates seamlessly to every user all from a centralized management tool, saving management time and preventing the need to make in-person visits.

Fill out the form and a Webair expert will discuss your remote access needs and discuss how our world-class VDI solutions can keep your workforce connected from anywhere, promoting productivity, flexibility, and cost savings.

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What makes our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) so great

Work Effectively Anywhere

Working remotely is already a challenge for most companies. Internal systems only have access from one location, processes still require paper, and replacing old desktops can be both costly and time-consuming. Webair’s VDI solutions provide a robust and secure solution for your employees to work anywhere. Procuring our Virtual Desktop solution will allow your internal IT team to focus on business-critical tasks, eliminating the frustrating challenges associated with managing multiple devices while ensuring applications and systems are secure.

Device, No More!

That’s right, providing team members with remote devices or having to purchase expensive equipment is a thing of the past. Webair’s Cloud VDI services provide an untethered working experience, allowing them to access their system from anywhere, on just about any device. Imagine telling your team members they can go just about anywhere, at any time, and still work without having to lug their desktop or devices everywhere? Your employees will have the ability to use anyone’s device to access their work computer. By leveraging Webair Cloud, your IT team can now focus on what’s most important: your business. No longer will they need to deploy pre-configured local devices, install security software, or connect to every device just to integrate a new application to your organization.

Security and Authentication

There’s nothing more important than making sure a system that can be accessed anywhere is secure, reliable, and efficient. Webair’s Cloud VDI solutions come out of the box with end-to-end encryption, and your data is stored in one of our many secure data centers. Our data centers are regularly audited and maintain the highest of standards (click here to view our list of certifications). Webair even has the ability to provide two-factor authentication into your Virtual Desktop, ensuring your systems and data are always secured.

Productivity/Business Continuity

With Webair’s VDI solutions, you never have to concern yourself with the inability to work. Users can access the environment virtually to work around the clock, in the comfort of their homes or even while traveling. Our Virtual Desktop solutions run from multiple redundant data centers that can be accessed at any time. Even with natural disasters, the systems will always be available to ensure your business can operate uninterrupted.

Key Features

    • Flat rate pricing

      Frustrations of hidden fees and overages are a thing of the past. Our VDI solutions feature simple, no-surprise pricing, with one fee per-user in one flat-rate subscription.

    • Performance

      Pairing best of breed hardware and software with dedicated infrastructure, you can have confidence that your VDI solution will perform when you need it most. Our solutions are built to scale and provide you with a resilient environment so you can work 24x7x365.

    • Automation

      Simple, easy-to-use automation can be utilized to mass deploy new systems or tools for your teams to use. No longer does your IT team have to deal with the aggravating tasks of sending out notifications for staff to download new applications, or worse, having to configure each device individually. It’s as simple as configuring a single device and automatically sending the updates to the rest of the desktops in the organization.

    • Ease of use

      Once configured properly, VDI is straightforward and user-friendly. Anyone across the organization should be able to login with ease, and better yet, your IT team can save up to 40% of their time by having the capability to configure all systems from one central location.

    • Flexibility

      Do you need the option to add or remove users just after a few days? Do you want each user to have a dedicated Desktop, or one that starts fresh everyday to ensure the system is locked down and no data is saved in the wrong places? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We can configure the VDI environment to your unique needs, and it won’t change the rates!

    • Support

      Webair team members are available to support your entire team, 24x7x365. Whether we’re talking to a member of your IT team or someone in accounting, we can make sure that their issues can be fixed at any time, lessening the burden on your own IT team.


Can I provide a main image to use for all the desktops?

Absolutely, you can provide us with a template, also known as a Golden Image, and we can have all the desktops use the master image. We can also expose that image to you at any time if you need to add additional applications or configurations. Then, we can have all desktops re-deployed using the new image once a user logs out.

What exactly is VDI?

VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, allows you to maintain your Desktop in the cloud. For years, we’ve all been stuck to our local computer at the office, and if we saved something on the desktop and forgot to save it to a cloud drive such as Google, Dropbox, or similar, we would have to physically go to our office computer just to get that file. VDI solutions prevent that from ever happening again, with the ability to access your Desktop from any device such as a computer, iPad, Android, or just about any other smart device, you can access your files anywhere, at any time, with just your username and password.

Why should someone use VDI?

VDI provides the most efficient work space imaginable. It gives users the ability to access their systems from just about anywhere while providing your IT team with the capability to manage all users computers from one centralized location, remotely. Yes, you heard correctly. The IT team doesn’t actually need to go to your employees computer just to fix an issue or update an application; it can all be done from a centralized management tool. VDI solutions can even cut your operating costs up to 50%.

Does VDI make sense for my company?

Not one size fits all, that’s for sure. However, VDI makes sense for any business that does a majority of their business via a computer. Even if you don’t have remote workers or allow your team to work remote, VDI solutions improve security and redundancy throughout your organization. No need to worry about computers failing for each employee, or having to go to each employee’s computer individually to fix anissue or install an application they need. VDI solutions allow your IT team to deploy and fix computer issues without physically being on-site.

How much of a burden is the setup on my team?

It’s pretty simple, Webair takes care of the difficult part. Our team of engineers will help configure and deploy the entire solution. We set up the entire infrastructure in our cloud, and the only thing your team may need to help us with is answer some minor questions we have and configure the initial template. We then provide a step-by-step process for your team to share with your entire organization so everyone can easily access their desktop.

Do you backup my data?

Our initial quotes and options will always include backups, however you have the option to remove backups if you choose to not have them. Retention policies can be modified to your liking to ensure if any data is deleted, it can be restored within a certain amount of time.