Why use Virtual Desktop Cloud Services?


reduction in administrative and operating costs


of businesses see an increase in productivity working remotely


of organizations use VDI in their IT strategy

Keep your workforce connected from anywhere with world-class VDI solutions from Webair.

Access Your Workspace Anywhere

Supporting a remote workforce can be a difficult feat for many organizations. Why? Because access to internal systems is typically limited to a single location, some processes are still done offline, and upgrading older desktops can be an expensive and timely project. Webair’s VDI solutions deliver a secure, full-featured solution for your team to work anywhere! Our Virtual Desktop solution will ensure that applications and systems remain secure, and will help free up your internal IT team so they can focus on their day-to-day tasks. No longer will your IT team need to deal with the aggravation associated with managing multiple devices.

Work from Any Device

This day in age, purchasing remote devices for your team or purchasing expensive in-office desktops are no longer necessary! With Webair's Virtual Desktop solutions, your employees can now access their desktop from anywhere on just about any device. Whether your employees are out of the office on business, working from home, or any other remote situation, your team members have the ability to pull up their desktops quickly and easily from almost any device, at any time. Not only that, but your IT team can provide mass updates, fix any issues, and manage your organization's applications remotely.

A Secure Remote Work Solution

When deploying a system that can be accessed from anywhere, it's crucial to ensure security, reliability, and efficiency. With Webair's cloud VDI solutions, end-to-end encryption comes standard, and your data is stored in one of our secure global data center locations. All of our data centers undergo regular auditing and abide by strict compliance and regulatory standards. Two-factor authentication can also be provided for our Virtual Desktop solutions, ensuring the utmost security when it comes to your systems and data.

Business Continuity Meets Productivity

When you leverage Webair's Virtual Desktop solutions, you never have to worry about your team's inability to work. Your employees will have the ability to access their desktops no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Our VDI solutions run from a network of redundant global data centers that can always be accessed. Even during natural disasters, the systems will always be up and running, facilitating uninterrupted business operations for our VDI clients.


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Tell us some more about your interest!