Undeniable Benefits of Webair’s FusionCloud Technology:

In the world of cloud servers, speed and reliability are everything.

Unfortunately, today’s industry standard is to provide clients with no more than 100 IOP/s or Input/Output Operations Per Second. For those that aren’t aware, IOP/s are a common performance measurement typically used to benchmark large and small data transfers. The problem with this minimal performance is that it isn’t suitable for resource intensive applications like database servers, video encoding, or even industrial content delivery. Enter Webair FusionCloud, providing the fastest disk speeds available in the Cloud – PERIOD. Every one of our FusionCloud servers is set up to not only meet, but exceed any previous expectation. Our FusionCloud servers are equipped to deliver a Fusion-io volume guaranteed to deliver 10,000 IOP/s. Consequently, our FusionCloud servers are 100 times faster than other cloud providers and even most powerful “physical” servers!

Additional Benefits of Webair FusionCloud Technology

A major benefit of Webair FusionCloud Servers is High Availability. With our cloud computing infrastructure each business subscribed harnesses the fault tolerance of enterprise grade hypervisors (or virtual machine managers) to keep the cloud servers up and running without downtime! With Webair FusionCloud we can guarantee users will achieve 10,000 IOP/s speeds through provisioning slices between the physical Fusion-io cards. This provides our clients with the smoothest and most reliable experience available. Webair FusionCloud servers are compatible with Linux, Windows, and BSD operating systems and available as either Managed or Self managed plans.

Perfect for Your Resource Intensive Applications:

  • Large Database Servers: No need to setup complex multi-server database cluster. Scale up to 8 CPUs, 144GB of ram, and 10K IOP/s. Perfect for database servers.

  • Video Encoding: Simultaneously encode multiple videos without reaching disk limitations.

  • Big Data Analytics: Seek and read data faster and keep your data in the cloud.

  • Web Servers: Never worry about spikes in traffic again. Perfect for custom CDN nodes.

  • When a business is considering any change to its infrastructure they need to have the added benefit of working with someone in a live capacity. To learn more about our FusionCloud Servers, CLICK HERE or contact our sales staff for a Webair Account Representative to personally assist you or work on a custom solution for your unique business needs.