Time to evaluate your web hosting needs?

In today’s fast paced world and emerging technologies your business can literally take off overnight. One aspect of a growing business that is often overlooked is the company’s web hosting needs. Many times a business will be operating on a shared or scaled down hosting platform simply because they have not reevaluated what is needed today and for future growth as their business has become more successful. Some questions you should consider: First and foremost, are you receiving timely and reliable service? If on shared hosting is it time to upgrade to a managed dedicated server? Is a fully redundant load balanced server cluster something you should consider today, next month or next year? Do you have a RAID setup for redundancy AND a backup solution? If your website and data are your lifeline you better have both. Does your hosting hosting company offer 24×7 support 365 days per year via phone, email, and chat? Is support outsourced or not? The good news is you are not alone! Your hosting provider should be willing and able to assist you in evaluating your needs and determine what solution is best for you. If they can not then it’s clearly time to search for a new web host. – Webair Internet Development, Inc. Our Dedicated, Colocated, virtual or shared high speed hosting solutions offer the flexibility and support to handle any size client. Every virtual hosting plan includes free control panel, free monthly backups, free e-commerce, unlimited e-mail and 24/7/365 support. Webair.com 10 years of hosting excellence! Michael Christopher – CEO -Webair Internet Development, Inc.