SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) – Is Your Internet Freedom at Risk?

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), is a hotly contested bill that threatens free speech and would provide the US government with overreaching ability to censor the Internet. While it is easy to side with the spirit of the bill, as currently written SOPA can have a devastating impact on users, technology companies, and the Internet as a whole. Under SOPA internet service providers, would be under greater pressure to not just monitor, but police their users’ activities. Think about it. Websites you visit regularly, including your favorite websites, or even your own websites, whether it is operated inside or outside of the United States could be blocked based simply on an infringement claim! Simply put, this is a battle for the future of the Internet as we know it. The opposition to SOPA from online businesses and community at large is just heating up and the fight appropriately being carried out across the Internet. With the second round of congressional hearings set for early January, you can expect SOPA to be a lively debate in the days ahead. If you’re against SOPA the time is now to contact your Congressional members and speak up. You can CLICK HERE for a full list of House of Representatives and CLICK HERE for a list of Senators.