If you find yourself seeking added elasticity, accelerated time to market and faster ways to add more capacity, all the while maintaining optimal security, control and reliability, it could mean your business is on its way to outgrowing its existing cloud environment. To address these needs, many businesses turn to Hybrid Clouds for a more agile solution that allows them to dynamically scale up or down according to business requirements. Webair makes it easy to scale from VMware-based clusters located on customer premises to our enterprise-grade Public or Private Clouds by managing the entire migration. Our expert technical team ensures your process is smooth and your business needs are met, providing peace of mind and confidence that allow you to focus on your core business.

Leveraging VMware vCloud® Connector™, Webair customers are able to seamlessly manage cloud resources and transfer critical workloads between on and off-site environments as well as connected clouds with reliability and speed via one easy to use interface. For added ease and flexibility, viewing, copying and operating workloads also does not require reconfiguring the destination network settings, and customers are free to move applications back into their own data centers whenever they choose.

Furthermore, Webair enables customers to securely connect and scale between their VMware-based Private Clouds and Webair’s VMware Public Cloud via VMware vCloud® Connector™. Users can also scale their Private Cloud network into our Dedicated Servers and Colocation equipment.