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Whether you are deploying mission-critical production workloads, launching new commercial applications and websites, moving data storage to the cloud, or improving business performance with Big Data and analytics, Webair’s fully managed, enterprise-grade Public Cloud offers a secure and scalable Cloud environment for your most critical and complex virtual infrastructures. VMware-based and backed by enterprise SAN, our Public Cloud hosting combines Webair’s state-of-the-art technologies with proven experience, dedicated support and robust portfolio of Managed Services for every cloud instance.

Webair Public cloud users can customize the perfect balance of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity resources to fulfill specific business application requirements. Do your infrastructure requirements change often? Our Public Cloud is purpose-built for ultimate scalability based on your business demand. If your business is ready to benefit from the best-in-class provisioning, support and resource orchestration combined with security and high availability, look no further than Webair Public Cloud.

  • Multiple storage tiers (SAS-based SANs, Hybrid SSD SAN Arrays & Fusion-io)
  • Redundancy at every level (storage, compute and networking)
  • Complete customer segmentation within dedicated networking & compute pools
  • Seamless cloud hosting replication to other locations for full DR / BC
  • Seamless scalability from one cloud server to a fully managed Load Balanced Cluster

Fully Managed Cloud Infrastructure

We work with you to custom configure, deploy and manage your Public Cloud server configurations according to specific business needs, whether they range from single server applications to complex, mission-critical multi-server clusters. From the infrastructure to the operating system, your entire Public Cloud hosting solution is backed 24x7x365. Click Here to see everything included with managed services

EZPanel allows customers to have full control over their Bare Metal Servers. Add users; add/modify/delete websites; troubleshoot and localize application issues, latency and security concerns; manage FTP accounts, databases, cron jobs, SSH & FTP Accounts, Firewalls, DNS and Email; install WordPress or Magento; physically reboot servers as needed, and much more – all in just a few clicks.

Secure Cloud Protection

Rest easy knowing that every aspect of your Public Cloud infrastructure is monitored and protected 24x7. Webair Public Cloud hosting customers are also completely segmented from other users starting at the physical routing layer to ensure they meet all levels of compliance.

Scalable Public Cloud

Webair’s Public Cloud is designed for fast and easy scaling to meet your unique demands. We fully manage every aspect of your Public Cloud server to ensure optimal performance. Webair also gives you direct control of your Public Cloud resources via EZPanel. Customers can also take advantage of additional Webair services to create a true hybrid environment, including Webair’s Private Cloud and Dedicated Servers.

If you require a Public Cloud hosting environment, please contact us or CALL 1-866-932-2471 to speak to a sales representative today!

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