Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, or Public Cloud: Which Solution Fits You Best?

In the world of cloud computing, we hear the terms Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Public Cloud being utilized quite often. Each one of these cloud solutions can be differentiated by their benefits, implementation, and use case, so the main question here is: how do you know which cloud solution is the ideal fit for your business’ unique requirements?

Before we get into some of the main things to look for when it comes to selecting a cloud solution for your business, we first need to understand what each solution actually is at the surface:

Webair Private Cloud solutions offer superior levels of security in the cloud.

Private Cloud

A Private Cloud environment is a single tenant environment that’s created solely for use by one specific organization or business.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud environments are environments that exist in the public Internet.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

You can think of Virtual Private Cloud solutions falling somewhere in between the private and public cloud. It’s a virtual network within a multi-tenant environment, giving users Public Cloud flexibility in a more isolated environment similar to that of a Private Cloud.

Now, that we’ve simply defined the various cloud environments, let’s take a look at the main reasons why a company would be better suited for one solution over another: security and cost.

Private Cloud solutions offer the utmost in security when it comes to your most critical data.

Security and Compliance

If data security and compliance are your main concerns, going with a Dedicated Private Cloud solution is the best fit for your business. As we mentioned before, this type of solution is specifically designed for use by a single organization and isn’t living in the public Internet, offering the utmost protection of your company’s most sensitive, critical data and applications. We tend to see organizations including healthcare, financial, legal, large enterprises, and government agencies employing this type of solution, partially due to the fact they have regulations and compliances they need to abide by.

Cloud Solution Cost Comparison

No matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business, cost will always be a consideration. Let’s dive into the cost variations of each solution:

At first glance, the Public Cloud option may seem to be the most budget-friendly option, however, when you dive deeper into it, there’s much more than the monthly cost to consider. While it’s definitely your cheapest option, it certainly doesn’t offer the same level of security provided by a Private Cloud or VPC solution, leaving your company’s data more susceptible to breaches and cyberattacks such as ransomware.

The cost of cloud solutions vary between Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Public Cloud solutions.

If you’re going with a Private Cloud option, yes you’ll be paying more than you would for VPC or Public Cloud, but for good reason. This solution offers the highest level of security, agility, redundancy, scalability, and performance available, so if having those features in a cloud solution are crucial for your business, this is definitely the path you’ll want to take.

Maybe you want a more secure solution than the Public Cloud, but your company can’t justify the cost of implementing a Private Cloud solution because the amount of dedicated resources it uses exceeds your requirements. That’s where a VPC solution makes sense. Cost wise, this option is a bit easier on your budget than the Private Cloud, and you still have your own dedicated resources, they just live within a more public environment instead of one that’s completely dedicated to your company.

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