Open-IX Association-Data Center Certification

Webair is a proud early supporter of Open-IX and encourages cost-effective interconnections and open peering. Webair’s NY1 facility is the only OIX-certified data center on Long Island and East of Manhattan offering fully managed Hybrid Cloud and technical and human ecosystems. The Open-IX data center certification defines the standards for data centers to offer an “open” and cost-effective Internet exchange and interconnection platform.

Services & Prices

Webair offers intra-data center fiber cross-connects at the following prices:

Meet-Me-Room Panel (12 fiber count): Monthly fee: $50/month

Fiber cross-connects: no monthly fee; installation fee: $300/pair

Open-IX Compliance Information

Open-IX data center certification compliance requirement states that the following information to be publicly available:

Reliability & Support

Webair’s on-site Cloud Storage experts work diligently around the clock to ensure your data is always secure, yet available to customers. Webair customers are also provided the option of data replication to off-site, alternative global Cloud locations where their Cloud Storage is also fully managed and monitored 24x7x365. Webair’s robust and industry-leading infrastructure can be found throughout state-of-the-art data center facilities with fortified connectivity in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Montréal.

Webair Open-IX Customer Advisory Board

Webair Customer Advisory Board currently comprises of:

Richard Steenbergen - PacketFabric

Martin Hannigan - Akamai

Chris Malayter - CoreSite

Gabe Cole - RTE Group

The Advisory Board is expected to grow with the addition of industry influencers and forward-thinkers to the esteemed panel to better serve customers.

Government Information Request Disclosure

A list of government information requests and the action taken on them will be posted to this website if legally disclosable.