Businesses across the globe are embracing the cloud in order to reduce costs, enhance agility and deploy mission-critical applications. Webair’s cloud environment grows as you grow, supporting everything from a simple development to hosting resource-intensive applications. New to the cloud? Our experienced technical staff is here to guide you every step of the way, providing consultative guidance on which infrastructure and workloads are best suited for migration.

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Prevent Catastrophic Data Loss with Managed Cloud Backup Solutions Powered By Veeam®

Futureproof Your Mission-Critical Data and Applications With Veeam Cloud Connect

The average total cost of a data breach cost businesses $3,920,000 in 2019


While the costs associated with data loss and breaches can be detrimental to businesses, investment in reliable cloud backup isn’t. Businesses can make a low cost investment in dependable backup and recovery services to set themselves up for long-term business success.


Webair’s cloud Backups-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions provide businesses with:

  • Reliable backup and recovery of essential data and applications
  • Fully managed services so internal teams can focus on business growth objectives
  • Fully customizable BaaS solutions tailored to their unique backup and recovery needs

What Does Webair’s Off-Site Backup Solutions Offer Your Business?

Public Cloud

Seamless Integration

Backup sensitive data directly into Webair’s Public or Private Cloud and access repositories directly from the backup console.

Private Cloud

High Security

Transfer backups off-site to a hosted Cloud repository through a secure SSL connection with end-to-end encryption.

Private Cloud

Efficient Recovery

Recover data and restore VMs from the cloud with a few clicks.

Public Cloud

Industry Compliance

Healthcare, financial, and enterprise businesses can rest assured that Webair’s BaaS solutions are compliant with HIPAA-HITECH, PCI-DSS, and more.

Public Cloud

Dependable Storage

Webair backs up your mission-critical data and applications on a dedicated and reliable off-site infrastructure.

Public Cloud

24/7 Support

Webair’s team of experts will monitor and manage your cloud backups around the clock.

Key Features of Webair’s BaaS Solutions:

  • Multiple off-site backup options
  • No data transfer costs for backups or restoration
  • Full visibility and control over data as it moves to and from the cloud
  • Grandfather-father-son (GFS) retention policies 
  • Build-in WAN acceleration