Webair’s Backups-as-a-Service (BaaS) for Microsoft Office 365 provides customers with comprehensive backup services and long-term archiving that enhance the flexibility and resiliency of critical data, with the ability to access and restore information stored on secure and reliable off-site infrastructure.

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Full Transparency and Seamless Management – At Your Fingertips

Webair’s CloudPanel provides customers with complete transparency into their backup infrastructure, offering multiple solutions for data recovery, including:

  • Restoring data to Office 365;
  • Restoring data to local / client-owned exchange servers;
  • Exporting data to .PST files

This powerful service provides web-based and downloadable software with full-file browsing capabilities of all backups to allow for “time-machine”-esque searching as well as the ability to restore specific files, emails, or user’s data.


Key Features

    • Flexibility to customize and configure backup policies 
    • Data freedom 
    • Recover data across multiple services 
    • Retention 
    • Fully managed solution 
    • Encryption 
    • Compliance 
    • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) 
    • Secure, private connection 
    • Connectivity 
    • Scalable service 
    • No additional charges 

Protection for the Evolving Enterprise IT Landscape

A growing number of today’s enterprises are migrating toward hybrid IT configurations that enable enhanced efficiency of business operations through the use of mission-critical Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications such as Microsoft Office 365. The harsh reality for those who rely upon the availability of their application data is that Microsoft Office 365 does not provide built-in backup capabilities across any of its three main platform components, including Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint. As a result, enterprises are putting their operations at great risk of data loss from application malfunction, human error or cyberattack.

Webair’s new BaaS solution for Microsoft Office 365 closes that gap, providing comprehensive backup services that enhance the flexibility and resiliency of critical data with the ability to securely access and restore information at any time.

Staying Compliant

The added layer of security and resiliency provided by Webair’s BaaS for Microsoft Office 365 is not only ideal, but necessary for organizations subject to compliance regulations. Common standards such as PCI, HIPAA and HI-TECH all require the use of off-site data replication. With this new service, enterprises can enjoy the flexibility of cloud-based applications, while maintaining the security and resiliency of critical data.

Full Ownership and Accountability

A high-touch, long-term IT partner, Webair’s BaaS solution for Microsoft Office 365 is fully managed and provides 24x7x365 support. Webair takes full ownership of customers’ backup strategy, providing one point of accountability and security for their entire environment. Webair owns its own physical global facilities and takes responsibility for the networking to the customers’ premises, managing all cloud infrastructure at its recovery sites or in Microsoft Azure.

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