New York City Wired: Winter Snowstorm 2016: Webair Focuses On Disaster Recovery Services At NY1 Data Center

Disaster Recovery Services in the Snowstorms of 2016

Originally posted to New York City Wired by Monica Link,

As winter arrives, the possibility of a snowstorms or hazardous conditions loom over the East Coast and other parts of the country. Flights were grounded on December 11-12 across dozens of states as the first heavy snow fall of winter 2016 dropped up to a foot of snow. New York City was spared during the first round of snow seeing barely an inch. The Weather Channel predicts the city could see more snow before Christmas.

Server problems or loss of digital information are potential issues companies can face during a snowstorm or natural disaster. Cloud and colocation services provider Webair is among companies offering its customers disaster recovery services now and throughout the year. Webair told New York City Wired that inclement weather and natural disasters are concerning for companies, but there’s a lot of catastrophic situations that should also be considered. Webair offers services at NY1 Data Center on Long Island. Disaster recovery services defined by Webair, include:

  • Provider issues – Problems related to your Internet provider’s network, your colocation provider, etc.
  • Hardware problems – Servers going down, hard disks dying, component failures.
  • Human Error – Operator accidentally deletes an application, files, or does any other sort of inadvertent damage to the system.
  • Ransomware and Viruses – Malicious software which shuts down your application, holds your data hostage, or does other damage.

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