New York IT leaders at enterprises, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and financial institutions have tough jobs that require them to protect data, manage infrastructure, prioritize budget spend, and upgrade production environments. Those tasks take a lot of resources and focus, which can delay technology projects that stimulate business growth. 

With the help of a cloud services provider, IT teams can offload managerial work by leveraging managed infrastructure solutions inclusive of complete management, monitoring, and support with access to business-critical data protection services including backups, disaster recovery, private cloud, and more. A cloud partner’s team of experts act as an extension of the companies’ internal IT teams, taking full environment ownership and ensuring compliance and security standards are being met while substantially cutting IT costs. 

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Benefits of Managed IT and Cloud Services

IT managers in New York looking to ease their work bandwidth can partner with a cloud provider to outsource their environment monitoring and data backup tasks. Businesses leveraging managed IT services can:

  • Increase Business Efficiency: IT teams can offload tedious and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to concentrate on business-critical IT tasks such as securing sensitive data and transitioning to new technologies.
  • Reduce IT Costs: Businesses that limit the amount of hardware they keep in-house can minimize infrastructure costs. 
  • Promote Scalability: Companies can avoid expensive infrastructure upgrades by allowing a cloud provider to seamlessly modify their infrastructure’s bandwidth, storage, and computing capability.
  • Access Specialized Support: A cloud provider’s team of backup and disaster recovery experts are well-versed in planning, architecting, implementing, monitoring, and managing cloud environments, as well as guiding businesses on how to optimize existing processes.
  • Ensure Compliance: Businesses can avoid costly data breaches and penalties by leveraging services to ensure their cloud environment remains compliant with institutions such as HIPAA for healthcare organizations.

Types of Managed Cloud Services

No matter what industry they work in, New York-based IT managers have access to several managed cloud solutions that can help reduce their workload including:

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery services are focused on shifting accountability of how essential data and applications are stored and retrieved to a provider. 

Offsite Backups-as-a-Service

Offsite Backups-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a managed solution where a cloud partner reliably backups up mission-critical data and applications onto a dedicated and secure offsite infrastructure. With the help of managed BaaS, IT managers can minimize data storage costs and reduce the time spent monitoring storage and backups. 

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Businesses leveraging Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions minimize their risk of data loss by having a cloud provider mirror their production environments, enabling speedy recovery times in the event of a breach or other catastrophe. 

Managed Cloud Services

Businesses looking to stay competitive and grow their production environments as they expand  can leverage managed cloud services in New York through an experienced cloud provider. 

Virtual Private Cloud

IT managers leveraging VPC can eliminate the need to buy hardware and make upfront investments associated with cloud backup and storage. A cloud service provider takes ownership of the infrastructure and its security, freeing up internal teams. 

Hosted Private Cloud

Businesses leveraging Hosted Private Cloud services gain the security and reliability of on-premises infrastructure with increased performance and scalability of public cloud, customized to fit business-specific compliance and redundancy needs. 

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage solutions allow IT managers to offload the accountability of their sensitive and public data within a cloud partner’s architecture designed to address data storage, management, and accessibility needs.

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