Let Webair’s Managed Cloud Hosting solutions free up your internal staff and IT resources.

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Let Webair’s Managed Cloud Hosting solutions free up your internal staff and IT resources from the hurdles and hassles of daily infrastructure management, enabling you to focus on your revenue-generating, core business. Webair works with you every step of the way to implement a customized managed cloud hosting solution specifically constructed to support your business goals and requirements, including needs assessment, design and planning, to full-scale integration, management and ongoing monitoring. Webair fully manages every aspect of your server – from the infrastructure to the operating system – providing you with 24x7x365 support and the peace of mind to focus on your core business. Built to scale, our infrastructure and managed hosting services are also flexible enough to grow as your business grows.

Webair offers Managed Hosting on all of the following platforms:

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Fully managed cloud hosting provides complete redundancy for compute, networking and storage. Backed by enterprise SAN, it also offers secure segmentation and control.

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Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Agility and scalability of a Public Cloud combined with the security of dedicated infrastructure customized to meet your unique business requirements.

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Load Balanced & Clustered

Let Webair manage all of the complexity and synchronization that comes with running a fully load-balanced and scalable managed hosting solution.

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Public Cloud

Bare Metal Servers

Designed to meet rigid performance requirements, our Bare Metal Servers offer ultimate control, power, security and scalability, complete with 24x7 support.

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Private Cloud

Cloud Storage

Secure, redundant and scalable, our Cloud Storage ensures your data is always accessible. Benefit from seamless digital storage and file management.

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Webair's CDN provides fast, reliable delivery of content and software to customers around the world at any usage level and under any network condition.

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Webair Managed Hosting services provide reliable, flexible managed infrastructure support with maximum uptime assurance for your mission-critical applications, streaming content or rich media sites, high-traffic websites, email, eCommerce platforms, development and testing environments, and more. With Webair’s managed cloud hosting solutions, you gain peace of mind knowing your data center, network and networking devices, operating platforms, application infrastructure and other business-critical systems are supported and backed by our proven methodologies and best practices, with 24x7 monitoring provided by experienced, on-site technical professionals.

What makes our Managed Hosting so great

Webair BLUE

Today’s web applications require managed hosting environments that can keep pace with rapid software development and evolving platform requirements. In order to meet the demands of increasingly innovative technologies, including new PHP and Python frameworks, NoSQL, microservices, event-driven software, containers, and more, Webair has developed a proprietary and scalable managed hosting platform called BLUE.

Webair BLUE supports our managed hosting customers, and allows Webair to provide improved services and full stack management, including 24×7 monitoring and resource utilization of infrastructure and customer applications. The BLUE platform, which runs on both LINUX and FreeBSD, leverages Ansible and other open source tools combined with proprietary technology to provide automated provisioning, scaling, and operations to efficiently manage customer resources. By having all of this automation and standardization on the server side, we can enhance features and enable faster time to deployment. Although pre-configured and fast to deploy, BLUE also enables our solutions to be infinitely customizable to meet specific customer requirements.

With BLUE, Webair has built an automation platform that offers the versatility to sit atop any cloud platform, including Enterprise VMware, OpenStack and third-party clouds, such as AWS. By virtue of its scalable design, Webair can automatically implement any combination of multi-server / software deployments on top of these platforms seamlessly and efficiently. Because LINUX deployments come standard with Webair’s fully managed software, we can provide all automation and control functions for our customers.


Features :


Webair BLUE enables the full automation of management and scaling of popular web servers and platforms, allowing customers full control over their web server configuration, SQL, NoSQL, Firewalls, DNS, Mail, and load balanced configurations. Is also the backend toolset used by Webair’s customer-facing portal, EZPanel, to provide clients with the ability to fully manage and control their instances directly. The highly scalable software platform allows Webair to easily duplicate customer environments, replicating them for DevOps testing and production, for example. Additionally, servers can easily be added on the fly to load balancers and other technical modifications can be made on-demand.

Installed Software

A fully managed software platform, BLUE provides built-in security, automation and scalability that enable Webair to deploy a host of server technologies for customers at a moment’s notice. BLUE supports standalone and load balanced LAMP and NGINX (LEMP) instances, as well as Wowza streaming servers, backup servers, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, HAproxy, Redis, Memcache, MikroTik, and Galera clustered database servers, in addition to application servers, such as Node.js – which all come with a specific set of commands for full management, control, scalability and accountability. Webair is constantly refining its set of offerings and enhancing BLUE’s functionality based on customer demands.

Backups and Monitoring / Statistics

The platform performs automatic website and MySQL backups, gathers advanced graphical web, ftp, mail and disk usage statistics via AWStats and EZPanel, and monitors customers’ entire IT infrastructure using Nagios to ensure systems, applications, services and business processes are functioning properly.


BLUE features built-in security and is PCI-compliant out-of-the-box. The platform includes built-in, standardized and easily controllable software firewalls in each instance. Additionally, standalone open source (MikroTik) or commercial (Palo Alto Networks, Juniper Networks and Cisco) firewall instances can be placed in front of customer infrastructure. The-web facing roles also come preconfigured to defend against application layer attacks and vulnerabilities.

Premier Data Center Facilities

Your data, equipment and applications are securely hosted and managed in our state-of-the-art data centers. Our facilities feature N+1 redundant power, cooling and connectivity, and are geographically dispersed to allow for maximum redundancy, reliability and uptime for your systems.

Maximum Security

For customers requiring more stringent security protocols, Webair’s carrier-neutral data centers and managed hosting solutions conform to the most rigorous industry standards including Tier III requirements, SSAE 16 and HIPAA.

Cost Savings, Simplified Budgeting

In addition to increased performance, Webair’s Managed Hosting services enable your business to control costs, saving CAPEX. Our solutions are available for a monthly fixed-fee, so you never have to worry about unpredictable costs.

Managed Services

Webair Managed Hosting Service customers gain access to a comprehensive suite of Managed Services including Managed Security, Managed Backups, Email, Monitoring, Cloud Storage, CDN and DBaaS.