Webair partners with banks, credit unions, and other financial organizations to provide reliable, high-performance, fully-managed cloud and IT infrastructure solutions tailored to fit their unique needs. Our cloud services allow organizations in the finance sector to focus on achieving their business objectives instead of worrying about data backup and management tasks.

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Addressing IT Challenges Within the Financial Industry

At Webair, we understand the market trends and emerging IT technologies that are driving change within the finance sector. Due to the sensitive nature of managing financial transactions and data, financial institutions may struggle to address the following challenges:

Costly Breaches 

The average cost of a data breach in the financial industry was $5.85 million in 2020, and it took an average of 233 days to identify and contain a breach, according to the 2020 IBM Security Cost of a Data Breach Report. Broken down by cause, 52 percent of data breaches were because of malicious attacks, 23% were due to human error, and 25% were caused by a system glitch.  

Regulatory Compliance  

As with many organizations handling sensitive data in other sectors, financial institutions must determine the best way to securely store and backup financial data. Banks and other organizations must follow strict guidelines when it comes to where data is allowed to be stored and how that data can be managed. As organizations place more data and applications in the cloud, they will likely have additional regulations they must follow to remain compliant. Keeping the unique requirements of financial institutions in mind, Webair’s solutions are PCI-DSS, SSAE-18 SOC 2 Type II, and FISMA compliant.

Reliable Data Storage and Recovery  

Banks, credit unions, accounting firms, and other financial institutions rely heavily on the ability to access data and records used on a daily basis. In the event of a breach or disaster, these organizations require reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions to minimize expenses and prevent interruptions that reduce productivity and competitiveness. 

Webair’s Compliant Cloud Services For Financial Institutions:

With those challenges in mind, we’ve developed fully managed IT and cloud services that reduce the risk of organizations storing and transmitting secure financial data. Webair’s solutions for financial institutions include:


Leverage Webair’s Industry Expertise

The Webair team of experts leverages the resources and industry experience necessary to design the best private cloud, off-site backup, and disaster recovery infrastructure for financial organizations, as well as provide guidance on how to best stay compliant. With Webair’s support, customers can better capitalize on the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud while ensuring dependable and efficient data management. 


Fully-Customizable Webair Solutions

Webair’s managed IT and cloud services for financial institutions give organizations the ability to secure their mission-critical data and applications reliably, with minimal hassle. Our private cloud, backup, disaster recovery, and storage solutions help organizations minimize the risk of data loss, increase customer satisfaction, and promote long-term business success.

Ready to leverage customized managed cloud services for your bank, credit union, or other financial organization? Speak to a Webair team member today and we will discuss how to best address your IT needs.