Experience exceptional flexibility and performance standards by hosting your mission-critical infrastructure at Webair’s Los Angeles (LAX) facility: the superior choice for secure and redundant hosting solutions. Our data center, one of the most secure and up-to-date facilities of its kind in the Western US, offers top-notch Enterprise Colocation, Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud solutions and Managed Services for your business.

  • LAX is an E911 and SSAE16-compliant facility that meets the state of California’s PUC standards
  • 14,000 sq. ft. of floor space, with a load capacity of 150 lbs./sq. ft.
  • N+1 cooling configuration
  • Environmental systems monitoring by a NOC

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LAX is equipped with N+1 redundant generators offering 72 hours of on-site fuel and 2500A/480V of service to the site. The facility also features six centralized UPS systems running on average at 31% load capacity and a full load battery backup of eight minutes. Historically, the facility has maintained 99.998% uptime. Two separate DWP substations also provide back-up power delivery.


LAX cooling is designed and maintained in an N+1 configuration throughout the facility. The central cooling plant consists of five 300-ton air-cooled chillers, four secondary chilled water pumps and air handling units. All environmental systems are consistently monitored by the NOC to ensure maximum efficiency.


LAX features 24x7x365 on-site security staff as well as DVR camera surveillance and continuous video monitoring to safeguard customers’ assets at all times. In order for authorized personnel to gain access into the data center, they must first pass through LAX’s key card access controls and biometric scanners. In addition the data center features multiple mantraps to create a completely secure facility allowing tenants total peace of mind.

Fire Prevention

The LAX facility is equipped with a dry pipe pre-action suppression system and clean agent fire extinguishers to protect all customer equipment. Smoke and heat detectors are also deployed throughout the data center to quickly alert authorities of hazardous situations.

LAX: Epicenter of the Pacific RIM

Webair owns and operates a high-performance, multi-homed, dedicated network that connects through multiple Internet providers and peering relationships for maximum redundancy. Maintaining private interconnections to virtually all major metro networks, Webair can directly connect you to the carrier of your choice. Our fiber network also offers speed, reliability and the ultimate security against DDoS attacks.

Strategic Advantages

Direct Connectivity

LAX provides BGP with full routers to two+ providers with all colocation. LAX allows customers seamless access to more than 50 unique networks and ISPs including multiple domestic and international carriers in the Asia-Pacific region. Webair’s LAX facility also provides customers with direct access to thousands of providers via direct connections to all major network Points of Presence (PoPs) in Los Angeles via redundant and diverse dark fiber. Webair connects providers directly into customers’ cloud infrastructure or colocation and handles all aspects of the transport and management so you can focus on your core business at hand.

IP Network

Webair’s LAX IP network features include multiple physical connectivity options including 1Gbps and 10Gbps network ports. Customers benefit from Webair’s public peering relationships as well as redundant connections to multiple Tier 1 providers such as Level 3 Communications and GTT via multiple PoPs, routers and dark fiber. Webair’s IP network supports DDoS monitoring and mitigation, and gives customers the ability to work directly with network engineers in order to find the best possible routes to end-users and remote hosts.