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If your business thrives on Long Island, why should your infrastructure and IT service provider be thousands of miles away? The robust infrastructure and pipes, technical support and personal attention your business requires are closer than you think. IT consultants and integrators on Long Island choose Webair as their trusted technology partner to help grow business and deliver better products and managed IT support to their customers. With Webair, IT businesses can focus their attention on the most critical business asset – their customers. We can custom-build a solution that combines world-class connectivity, robust physical and virtual infrastructure and proven Managed Services to meet both unique business needs as well as specific customer requirements. Webair strives to never compete with customers, but provide a layer of IT service management they can rely upon as needed.

What makes our Information Technology so great

World-Class Connectivity

Easily enable your eCommerce site to handle more users and sales transactions by allowing Webair’s Managed Services to add more application servers on the fly as needed. These servers can be turned on and off to handle traffic surges, especially during the holiday season or online sales and specials.

Webair’s IP network boasts direct connections to all local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including Cablevision/Optimum Online®, Verizon (FiOS, DSL and mobile networks) and Time Warner Business, enabling customers to bypass congested backbone networks and enjoy the improved speed and reliability that comes from zero hops. IT customers also benefit from flat rate, point-to-point links from servers in our NY1 Colo directly to their client sites located anywhere in the New Jersey / New York metro area.

Robust, State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Make our home your home; the world-class infrastructure needed to propel and grow your IT business is right in your backyard. Local IT businesses can connect to NY1, Webair’s Tier III-rated, SSAE 16 and HIPAA-certified data center. NY1 is the area’s most secure, fully redundant facility, offering redundant power, cooling and bandwidth; multi-tiered security; state-of-the-art fire prevention; on-site DR suites and seats; and superior connectivity via our robust network. Our knowledgeable technicians are on-site 24×7 to respond swiftly to any requests, ensuring the highest levels of technical expertise, responsiveness and convenience.

Give your customers the peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is housed in a redundant, state-of-the-art facility. Better yet, show them in person. To schedule a data center tour, call 1.888.985.7249 or Contact Us.

Managed Add-Ons

In addition to ensuring the best connectivity between our data center and your customer sites, Webair can also provide you with access to an expansive portfolio of Managed Services. From Managed Security and Backups, to Cloud Storage, Email, and Monitoring, to CDN and DBaaS, Webair offers a wide array of on-premise solutions that provide our IT customers with a robust platform on which to build and grow their customized managed IT support and service management client base.