Forbes: How To Find A CEO For Your Tech Company

The Forbes Technology Council outlines all the best qualities tech companies search for in their CEOs.

By the Forbes Technology Council,

If you’re a technical founder with a growing business, you almost certainly want to take a step back and focus as much as possible on your tech. While investor meetings might be necessary, they aren’t always the most productive place for a CTO.

To help you find your CEO replacement — so you can start focusing again — nine technology executives from Forbes Technology Council offer their best advice for seeking out an executive replacement.

1. Focus on Shared Values

The CEO you hire should be made a partner with skin in the game. He or she needs to care about the business as much as you do. Too often, we tend to focus on the skills and experience of the person. We should instead think of it as a marriage. It’s more important for the CEO to share your values, business/personal goals, and work ethic. I’d expect the other person to complement me in other areas as well. – Ashley

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