Forbes: How A Great CTO Can Benefit Your Company

How does a CTO impact your business? Forbes Technology Council examines how CTO’s bring your company the benefits you’re looking for.

By the Forbes Technology Council,

In today’s market, where having a sleek website with great UX can make or break your business, every company uses technology. Even traditionally non-technical companies are starting to use modern technologies to attract new customers or keep their existing clients happy.

To showcase why even nontechnical companies need a CTO, nine technology executives from Forbes Technology Council offer their perspectives into how a great CTO can improve any business.

1. Every Company Is a Technology Company

Like it or not, today every company is a technology company. You may argue that you’re not; however, chances are that many of your competitors are using technology. Even if they’re only using it to analyze product data or testing, you’re at a loss. That doesn’t mean that every company specifically needs a CTO; however, the technology aspect of products/services must be acknowledged and be made a responsibility. – Sagi BrodyWebair

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