IT managers can struggle to determine the best way to deploy mission-critical applications and store essential data in the cloud while keeping costs down and enabling the flexibility to meet future business growth needs. 

When it comes to operating within the cloud, businesses may struggle with: 

-Lack of customization

-Infrastructure security concerns

-Time and resources spent hosting and managing servers

Webair’s Hosted Private Cloud combines the agility and rapid scalability of the Public Cloud with secure, dedicated infrastructure customized to meet business-specific security, compliance and redundancy needs. 

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What makes our Hosted Private Cloud so great

In situations when the public cloud is not enough when it comes to security, performance or scale, businesses turn to Webair’s Hosted Private Cloud hosting solution. With Webair’s Hosted Private Cloud, customers receive a cloud solution that looks, feels and performs with the same security and reliability of on-premise infrastructure.

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Webair’s Hosted Private Cloud is HIPAA, CJIS, FISMA and PCI-compliant, and built for scalability and high performance upon enterprise-grade hardware, as well as fully redundant and highly available compute, storage and network. It combines the scalability and flexibility of public cloud with the security and physical isolation of dedicated infrastructure — ideal for workloads demanding the highest levels of security and performance. Webair’s Hosted Private Cloud is also fully managed, inclusive of networking, backups and Disaster Recovery configurations.

Webair takes full ownership of customers’ entire infrastructure stack, managing all data center and networking elements, cloud management tools, (virtual) server software stacks, and more. Hosted Private Cloud customers enjoy direct vCenter access, guaranteed performance on dedicated hardware and systems for secure data storage, as well as the highest redundancy at each layer of their infrastructure. They can also supplement their cloud solution with access to Webair’s vast ecosystem of fully managed services within the same facility, including Cloud StorageDisaster RecoveryManaged Security and more via direct, private network connectivity.


Key Features

    • Completely dedicated, physically segmented and customizable hypervisors and networking
    • VMware enterprise with full DRS, HA and FT features
    • VMware Orchestrator configured to allow for API-based automation and control
    • Redundant 10Gbps connectivity between each hypervisor, SAN, the Internet and internal networks
    • Multiple storage tiers including encrypted SSD and Hybrid SAN options
    • Options to connect to customers’ existing MPLS, Metro Ethernet, VPN, and public Internet, as well as direct cross-connects at major Points of Presence (PoPs)
    • The ability to mix and match base depending on workload: Microsoft Azure Stack, Oracle Cloud, and IBM Cloud
    • Ability to spin up fully managed instances including Web and application servers, database servers, caching servers, and more
    • Dedicated connection to redundant NFS / CIFS cloud storage
    • Real-time replication to Disaster Recovery location with RTOs and RPOs under one (1) hour and network / server automation
    • Full stack monitoring of server resources, virtualization, databases and application performance
    • Ability to customize hardware on request
    • Higher levels of encryption available
    • Seamless migration to a hybrid solution with Webair’s Hybrid IT Management And Orchestration