Webair takes complete ownership and accountability for the IT infrastructure of next-generation healthcare organizations. We enable medical providers to focus on improving patient care and experience, while mitigating security risks and reducing costs.

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A Triple Aim Approach to Healthcare IT Solutions

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim is a framework to optimize health system performance. Today, next-generation providers are increasingly utilizing cloud-based healthcare solutions. Webair supports the Triple Aim approach, which includes the secure integration of IT and emerging telemedicine applications.

Direct Access Cloud for Healthcare

With Webair, security and compliance are no longer barriers to cloud adoption in the healthcare industry. You'll never have to choose between the security of self-operated, on-premises infrastructure or the ease, scale and simplicity of public cloud again. Webair’s healthcare cloud solution provides the best of both worlds.

Cloud and other managed services such as HIPAA-compliant Cloud Storage, Off-site Backups, Disaster Recovery and Managed Security are delivered directly to your internal networks from local data centers. Customers can also consume third-party services available via Webair's secure fabric, including AWS, Azure, MSSP cybersecurity monitoring, and private voice. All of these services can be completely “air-gapped” from the public internet and segmented from other tenants for maximum security and compliance.

Enterprise-Class Healthcare Disaster Recovery

Webair’s Healthcare Disaster Recovery services capture the entire production environment, including physical servers, IBM Power Systems (iSeries, AS/400, AIX) environments, VMware, Hyper-V and all other platforms common in healthcare to provide a fully inclusive solution.

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HIPAA Certified Cloud Service Provider

As a managed Cloud services provider that takes complete ownership and accountability for the proper storage and security of ePHI, Webair signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with customers that are the most stringent in the industry. Our technical teams work 24×7, proactively monitoring and managing customer environments. A Webair HIPAA Compliance Specialist oversees operations to ensure compliance with all HIPAA guidelines and regulations.

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Healthcare Managed Security Solutions

Hackers target hospitals because patient medical information is more valuable than financial and personal data. Webair’s Managed Security solutions protect against critical system, application and infrastructure threats. Combined with our Disaster Recovery services, including proactive and pre-planned, reactive Ransomware solutions, they provide full protection and recovery.

Full Stack Management

Webair takes full ownership and responsibility of the infrastructure stack for web-facing applications and healthcare SaaS platforms. Our technical experts proactively monitor and manage your entire environment, including OS, application management, load balancing, firewall, server patches, database redundancy / replication, and more.


Gartner's Market Guide

Webair was recently named a Representative Vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Cloud Service Providers to Healthcare Delivery Organizations.

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Learn more about our next-generation healthcare cloud and managed infrasturcture solutions.

Case Study:
Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, PC

For plastic surgery practices, the primary focus is on improving the lives of patients with surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. These healthcare providers rely on technology and innovation to provide their patients with the highest level of care possible.

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Case Study:
Healthcare Partners, IPA

Healthcare network administrators provide information and resources for health insurance members and physicians and provide them with tools to help optimize care.

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Case Study:
IT Resilience & Disaster Recovery to SUNY Health Science Center

As a growing number of healthcare facilities adopt transformative digital technologies and strategies, Webair provides comprehensive Disaster Recovery and IT resiliency services to ensure the security and availability of critical medical records and information.

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