Full Accountability, One Provider

    • Operating system and patch management
    • Management of Linux & Windows-based stacks
    • Scale-out, elastic architectures
    • Fully-automated Disaster Recovery
    • Caching layers and application performance monitoring
    • End-to-end performance assurance
    • Ability to provide private connectivity between SaaS platforms and customer networks
    • Full encryption at rest & in-transit
    • Inclusive BAA covering all services

Global CDN & Security

Deliver assets from 30+ global PoPs. Multi-tiered, fully managed security including IDS, IPS, WAF, DDoS protection and custom firewall rules.

Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud (E-VPC)

All servers live on highly available Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud (E-VPC), providing full redundancy while maintaining user segmentation and consistent performance.

Scale Out

Redundant, elastic built-in load balancing with SSL offloading, tuned, tweaked and specified to suit your needs and deliver maximum performance.


Accelerate content and application delivery and improve security and performance via our built-in caching layers, which are transparent to your applications.


Fully managed application servers with ownership of OS, patching, and management of popular Linux & Windows-based applications and frameworks.

Private Network

Database Clusters

Fully managed database clustering flexible enough to scale with you as your business grows.

Cloud Storage

Data between web and application servers is easily and securely shared via a local Cloud storage mount, which transparently scales in both speed and capacity.

Backend Caching

Accelerate dynamic websites, easily scale your resources and load balance internal caching.


Built-in local and offsite backups with customizable retention policies. Fully managed restores on-demand per file, server, database, and application.

Disaster Recovery

Fully managed, pre-planned, and real-time Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service to global recovery sites backed by 15-minute RPOs and one-hour RTOs.

Direct Access Cloud

Seamlessly interconnect your applications to third party clouds & private customer networks via SDN fabrics, MPLS tie-in, cross connects, and point-to-point connectivity, allowing the private and most secure consumption of your applications and services to customers.

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