Forbes: Fixing The Technology Skills Gap

What to remember when selecting tech positions for your company.

By the Forbes Technology Council,

There’s a stark gap  between the number of open tech positions and qualified candidates to fill them. Even if it’s not a traditional “tech company,” these days, every company needs a technical hire or two.

So how are technology executives working to fix this? Below, a group of technology leaders from Forbes Technology Council offer their best advice — from grassroots investment ideas to specific organizations working in this arena — of ways to close this gap.

1. Hire for Personality

You may not find the unicorns you’re looking for. I’ve had great success bringing in junior level developers and interns who are great cultural fits and passionate about making up the knowledge gap. Since they started at the bottom, they have tremendous context for your environment and a genuine appreciation that you gave them a chance. Those “soft” attributes can outweigh some of the buzz words on a resume. – Sagi BrodyWebair

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