Digital Realty: 6 Habits of Highly Effective Colocation Providers

Keys to Success for Colocation Providers

Originally posted to Digital Realty by Sagi Brody,

The data center colocation market is booming, driven largely by enterprises continuing to outsource IT infrastructure and adopt cloud solutions. Researchers at MarketsandMarkets estimated the industry to surpass $54.13 Billion by 2020. With this growth comes segmentation, and a new in trend colocation we’ll dub “Colo 2.0.”

Colo 2.0 has given rise to several types of providers. Gartner describes two as “pure” colocation, or providers offering purely space, power and communications, and “up the stack” providers offering additional managed infrastructure services, cloud, security, interconnection and internetworking in addition to space, power and comms. The industry is also seeing another new breed of provider: companies offering colocation and interconnection services.  Historically, interconnection services included a broad set of connectivity options to network carriers, managed through Meet-Me Rooms in dense carrier hotel data centers. Interconnection services have also come to mean connectivity to a large set of cloud and managed service provider options.

While physical infrastructure, redundancy and physical security are critical and relatively standard considerations, customers should also pay close attention to the managed services, such as those that Webair provides, and connectivity options available within the provider’s building, as well as the teams supporting them.

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