Discovery & Review Meeting

Before beginning any project, we meet with our client’s to understand their business and the challenges they have with their development projects. We like to meet with our clients in person but can meet digitally, whether that be via Webex or some alternative video conferencing platform.


Once we meet with our clients, we began developing your company profile. Our entinre team that will be involved in the project will began researching not only your company but also your industry, so we can implement the approriate profile and strategy.

Design & Review

After discussing the client’s ideas and the general understanding we gained from our own research, our team is ready to start developing a preliminary design.

We will provide the customer our first design mock-up and continue to make modifications and changes per our clients requests. We will provide our insight and recommendations on how the UI/UX should look and feel, but ultimately we will make sure our customers are satisified with the end result.

Development Website

When the project is given the green light, our skilled and knowledgeable staff uses the latest and greatest programming software and concepts to develop and implement your new project. We provide front and backend development to ensure everyone is on the same page when working on the project.

We make sure to keep the client well informed of our progress and converse with them if there are any issues. Additionally, we provide our customers with a project management system so they can track the project progress.

Review & Production

After the project is complete, we give the client a demonstratione, so they can see the platform and make changes before the project is pushed to production. At this time, we idenitfy any issues and make adjusments per the customers comments.


After the project has been implemented, our marketing team is ready to start driving traffic to your new project. We provide full SEO support for all pages on the website to ensure that search engines will get the most out of your website and rankings!

Furthermore, we offer social media management, social media ads, Google Adwords and much more..

Additional support

Even though the main project may have come to a close, our interactions don’t stop there. We will continue to provide website support as well as monthly reports on our marketing efforts as well as make any changes to maximize your websites performance.

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