DatacenterDynamics: How Well Do You Know Your Colo Provider?

Webair was featured in this month’s DatacenterDynamics article about selecting a colocation provider.

By: Sagi Brody, CTO

Too many question marks

Demand for colocation services is growing rapidly as enterprises continue to outsource IT infrastructure and adopt cloud solutions. Indeed, many data center operators are scrambling to expand current facilities and build new ones to keep pace with colocation market growth forecasts of 12 to 16 percent annually.

Simultaneously, two distinct categories of colocation providers are emerging, according to analysts with Gartner. One is based on “pure” colocation or simple space, power and communications; the other offers colocation with additional “up the stack” solutions such as managed infrastructure services, cloud, security, interconnection and internetworking. There will always be a need for the former. However, a growing number of IT professionals who are utilizing or planning on utilizing a hybrid IT infrastructure that mixes colocation, cloud and hosting services are turning to the latter.

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