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Here you can manage your Webair hosting account by logging in to the Webair Hosting EZPanel, or you can Manage Your Existing Domains by logging in to the Webair Domain Control Panel.

Webair Hosting EZPanel

Enter your Webair hosting login credentials. (Hosting specific User Name/Password. Not related to domain account)

Webair Domain Control Panel

Enter your Webair domain loging credentials. (Domain specific User Name/Password. Not related to hosting account)

Webair Hosting EZPanel

Webair's EZPanel provides you with a powerful and versatile tool to control your account via a friendly and intuitive interface. You can manage sites, servers, databases, ftp accounts, IPs, webmail, and even important add-ons like CDN and cloud storage accounts, all within EZPanel. Need to install Wordpress? No problem! Take advantage of EZPanel's one-click installation feature for the most popular open-source software. EZPanel also lets you manage your account, communicate with our technical support staff, and even view billing information. It's not just easy... it's EZPanel!

EZPanel Features
  • Manage account information, including personal, contact, and billing information!
  • Administrate all aspects of your managed hosting plan: sites, servers, ftp, databases, crontabs, dns, IPs, security, and more!
  • Communicate with technical support staff via tickets and live chat!
  • Track bandwidth and storage usage on a per site, per server, or overall basis!
  • Use one-clicks for installing popular software or adding new services to your account!
What You Get from EZPanel

The WEBAIR HOSTING EZPANEL provides you with POWERFUL tools and support you need to run your site all within one user friendly interface. Complete access to one-click WordPress, ZenCart and OsCommerce installs, create or modify MySQL databases, manage Crontabs and DNS records, easily administer email accounts, including email forwards, mailing lists and secure webmail access, are all just a click away! Created from the ground up based on direct feedback from our clients, the WEBAIR HOSTING EZPANEL can almost be compared to divine intervention! To put it simply, It will make your life easier! Questions or comments? Our Server Genius™ technical support staff is ready to assist you 24/7/365. Have no fear the Server Geniuses™ are in here!

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Updated & Easy to use interface

Webair's EZPanel™ Provides a ROBUST, user-friendly graphical interface, that allows quick and easy access to all the features available to your web hosting account. With the touch of a button, you can spin up cloud instances via our new Proto Cloud™ service, manage e-mail addresses/accounts, create databases, backup your files, check your web mail, and so much more! Managing your accounts has never been simpler!

Integration with the Cloud

With Webair's EZPanel™ Integration with our variety of cloud services has never been easier. You're in control: fine-tune your cloud infrastructure to serve up your site even during the heaviest-traffic events. Then remove resources when you don't need them, and pay only for what you use! We've engineered EZPanel™ from the ground up for speed and ease of use so you can do more, faster. Tags, filters, and search make it easy to manage large cloud deployments.

Enhanced Security Features

EZPanel™ bridges the gap between traditional perimeter-oriented data center security and security in dynamic cloud environments. EZPanel™ offers a broad range of features to address cloud security issues from dynamic firewall automation to software vulnerability assessment, account management and more. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service, EZPanel™ requires no hardware, no compex deployment, and no special expertise.

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