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For more than 18 years, Webair has been providing customers with best-in-class Managed Hosting solutions. Today, Webair is proud to have grown into one of the leading IT Infrastructure and Cloud solutions providers in New York, offering a wide selection of IT solutions including Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, Off-site Backups-as-a-Service, Dedicated Private Cloud, Managed Security, and more. We supply all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run nearly any web hosted application – from Internet to enterprise server solutions.
While other providers offer only basic services developed to solve a defined set of problems, Webair’s technical specialists thrive on the ability to create next-generation, custom solutions for even the most complex, clustered infrastructures.

Vinoth Surendran

Systems AdministratorMind Melter

Brendon Allen

Project Manager

Christy Liang

Accounts Payable ManagerThe check is in the mail!

Michael Orza

Chief Executive OfficerI LOVE Tacos =)

Nick Grassi

Hardware TechnicianTwerkin Hard?

Binaya Joshi

Systems AdministratorNo, MY WAY!

Andrew Scinto

Infrastructure EngineerHead In The Clouds

Jessica Mazzoni

Accounts Receivable ManagerLove my dogs!

Michael Ohayon

Chief Operating OfficerHow's my fish impression?

Dan Markovic

Systems AdministratorI Love Slackware!

Jason Benzaquen

Systems AdministratorJason reporting from work order team!!

Adam Stewart

Datacenter TechnicianI need healing!!

Gregory Barney

Lead Backups Engineer

Jonathan Justh

Technical Support SupervisorI like night shifts!

Christopher Esposito

Project ManagerCertified Sneakerhead ?

Matt Spindler

Systems Administrator

Samad Koushan

Software DeveloperAlways Compiling

Joseph Mulieri

Lead Project ManagerG.I Joe

Rocco Laudadio

Systems AdministratorKramer or Rocco?!

Mehran Azari

Infrastructure ManagerDon’t touch my stuff!

Danielle Shapiro

Marketing Coordinator

Shankar Narayanan

Systems AdministratorOne Punch Knockout

Alexandra Lerner

Business Development

Andrew Paladino

Business DevelopmentIs that Pizza?!

Michael Brody

HIPAA Compliance ManagerDestroy the Hard Drive!

Matthew Gavin

Systems Administrator¿Quién es Sombra?

Ryan Noonan

System Administrator"Super-Stick Spinna"

Robert Stevens

Data Center ManagerBackup plan for the Backup's Backup plan

Roy Nalven

Software DeveloperJedi Ambassador

Armin Randjbar-Daemi

Software DeveloperCodes Compiling... Boredom..

Bill Meyer

Systems Administrator"There's nothing you can do that can't be done"

Angelo Poggi

Networking Engineer"Fine cup of coffee"

Ilan Schoenfeld

Systems AdministratorI Fix Everything!

Justin Moices

Systems AdministratorStar-Trek Warrior

Rickie Harripersaud

Infrastructure Engineertoo much protein? No whey bro !

Steven Pine

Infrastructure EngineerI'm blue, da da de da!

Juan Delgado

Project Manager

Sagi Brody

Chief Technology OfficerHarmonica Specialist

Justin Moran

Vice President of SalesWhy so angry

Gerard Hiner Webair Business development

Gerard Hiner

Chief of Business DevelopmentRockstar Dreamer

Matthew Maurici

Backups Administrator

Subash Bose

Systems AdministratorI'm a cool dude!

Ricardo Bustamante

Customer Service ManagerFearDesHands

Louis DeVictoria

Networking Engineer

Judi Lima

Office Manager

Thomas Conte

Systems Administrator

Srikanth Balas

Systems AdministratorAlways carry my flash light!

Akshay Joshi

Infrastructure EngineerSittin Sidewayz!

Carol Soman

Chief Financial OfficerThe answer is no!

Greg Giovino

Business DevelopmentCool story bro

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