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WordPress: Set up Plugins

wordpress-pluginsInstalling a Plugin using WordPress Dashboard 


WordPress is an excellent source to help benefit your website. Since WordPress is a free and open source application, its features are also free as well. Plugins are made by developers that are configured for WordPress whether it for security, social media, backup/restores, billing, and etc.


What can plugins do to your website? Plugins are downloadable features that can be used to help your WordPress website. For this article, I will show you the easiest way for you to install a plugin.


Go into the plugins tab on your Dashboard. Next, Click on Add New.



Now you should see the search engine as being viewed. Try this now for example, “analytics dashboard”.




Please install the plugin you have typed in.



Once you please Install Now you will see the image below. Please click on Activate Plugin to start the plugin.





AND YOU ARE DONE! Simple right?



Please note some plugins may not be downloadable. Due to this, please check the version of the plugin and make sure it is compatible with your wordpress. If not it can cause your website to crash. If this is the case, please visit the article in relation to troubleshooting WordPress. Please click this link if you are having problems:

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