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WordPress is one of the most used application to post content on the internet.  WordPress is an open source platform where people have been using it free of charge, to both post blogs or websites. WordPress offers a variety of easily install-able themes and an assortment of Plug-ins that help customize web pages. One of the major drawbacks to WordPress are the multiple vulnerabilities that compromise Your website. To avoid possible problems and to improve both your website security and functionality, here is a list of some useful tips to protecting your word press sites


1) Protecting your work environment.


First and foremost, running WordPress begins by keeping your Main Computer and Wi-Fi network secure.  Whenever accessing your WordPress website, whether it’s from home or office anyone person can inadvertently give out their WordPress credentials from Spy-ware or to packet hack jacking from your Computer or network. Keep your anti-virus up-to-date and Wi-Fi router password protectedsecure reduce chances


2)Using a Host Provider.


Choosing a Host company provider can help keep your website running, secure, and easily expandable for future growth. Whether it’s a blog website to e commerce website, having a hosting company allows you more benefits than trying to host a website at home. Hosting a website at home you would need to purchase equipment, setup software configuration, and of connect to a network 24/7 to allow a website to run.  Webair can start a person out as low as $10 a month which will provide backups to your .  Webair can do all those things and more buy providing personal support whenever needed to help resolve website and networking issues.


3) Ensure Word Press is always up to date.


Many times people forget to check for updates which leaves holes in your website integrity. A potential hacker simply find out what version of WordPress a website is using and then search for known exploits when they are outdated. Updating WordPress reduces opportunities for hacked websites.


4) Keep all your Plug-ins and themes up-to-date.


Just as much as it is important to keep your word press updated, it’s just as important to keep your plug-ins and themes up to date. There’s consist reports that exploits are found on both these word press add-on’s can be vulnerable to malicious activity.


5) Install and use WordPress plug-ins for security.


Along with word press plug-ins directory, are specific security plug-ins that you can use on your website. These security add-on’s can help you scan for known exploits, out of data content, search for bad files, add simple firewalls, allow country blocking, and more.


6) Using SSH when connecting to your website.


SSH means secure Shell and it allows you to create a secure tunnel between you and your web sever/Website.  Using a hosting, this feature often comes as a default but it’s imperative since it makes accessing your website/web-server extremely difficult to decipher. It works by having both a creating a pair of RSA keys for you and then your website/web server.

Even in events where your security doesn’t get effected by hackers or malware, common mistakes can negatively effect your Website content. Backups are often thought after the fact and when you need them most. It’s one of the reason Webair provides a variety of back ups based off customer needs.


Try these steps, and they can greatly improve the integrity of your WordPress websites.


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