WordPress: “Deprecated” Error

One of the most common situations when dealing with WordPress is ending up getting an message saying this below:

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /dir/ on line 111


Note: You must enable the WordPress WP_DEBUG function to view this error. It is IMPORTANT that you must enable this. Enabling the WP_DEBUG function will notify you that something is isn’t functioning correctly.

Steps on how to enable WP_DEBUG  is shown through this link: How to Enable WP_DEBUG


Once you have saved the wp-config PHP file, you can now handle what is causing a deprecated error.

The easiest way WordPress owners can deal with this situation is to disable plugins one by one. By doing this, you may be able to identify what might be causing this error.

 Question: Why do you need to disable plugins one by one? 

Answer: Plugins can be causing the problem because the developer for that plugin didn’t provide an update that must be compatible with the version of your WordPress. Disabling the plugins one by one can show clearly what might cause a deprecated error to appear.  


Please go here and Press Installed Plugins:






Once you have clicked the plugins tab, you should be able to see all the plugins. Please select the beginning and deactivate one by one. 










Remember: Every time you deactivate your plugins one by one, please check your homepage if it still has a deprecated error.

If this works, You can reactivate your other plugins.


When hosting a website, updating is important. In WordPress and also companies that create plugins, the developers create new updated versions to help solve bugs, and eliminate any security flaws. It is recommended  that you keep up to date with WordPress and your developers that made the plugins, and see if they have available updates for you to install. Installing these updates will minimize deprecated error message, PHP warning errors, and minimize back doors on your site.




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