What Is Protomail?

What is ProtoMail?

ProtoMail is Webair’s enhanced, business-grade email solution that allows you to quickly and easily create and administrate email accounts and control spam filtering settings, archiving settings, and quotas.

If I use ProtoMail, how will I access it?

Your ProtoMail account is seamlessly integrated in the EZPanel portal, so you’ll be able to perform all your administrative tasks in one convenient location. Additionally, your ProtoMail-powered email accounts are accessible via all popular desktop, mobile, and tablet devices and software over a wide range of protocols, such as IMAP, POP3, MAP, SMTP, ActiveSync, BES, and SyncML via standard and secure ports.

I’m already using an email provider, but want to use ProtoMail… how can I migrate my accounts?

Our ProtoMail service allows for a painless migration process from your existing email provider that preserves usernames, passwords, quotas, and other account attributes.

I have to meet regulatory or government compliance standards. Can ProtoMail help me?

Yes! Email archiving is vital to maintain regulatory or government compliance, and with ProtoMail you can enable email archiving for up to 8 years. As a ProtoMail administrator, you can configure automatic email archiving according to your desired frequency and retention, and based on mailbox, older, date, and file sizes. Plus, all of your incoming mail is automatically replicated to 3 globally diverse datacenters to ensure redundancy and full disaster recovery.

What other features will I have with ProtoMail?

Flexible Storage

  • Administrators have a detailed view of every mailbox’s storage and the has the ability to dynamically adjust quotas on the fly.
  • Full integration with Dropbox and Google Drive that allows users to save and insert attachments to and from emails via 3rd party storage devices.
  • Advanced archiving features that help you achieve regulator and government compliance.

Virus & Spam Filtering

  • Multi-layered spam and virus filtering allows unprecedented control over how spam and viruses are handled on a per domain basis.
  • Complete customization of filter levels, white / black lists, image handling, and additional powerful features.
  • Individual users can configure spam digests based on their own schedule and preferences to ensure legitimate emails are never lost.

Easy Integration

  • Quick and efficient transition from legacy email services.
  • Webair clients can bulk import email inboes while preserving usernames, passwords, mailbox sizes, and other important attributes.
  • User-friendly and SSL-encrypted IMAP SYNC interface allowing operators to easily copy all of their user’s existing emails, folders, and entire file structure.

Comprehensive Access

  • Access your email quickly and easily using your favorite email client and mobile device.
  • Supports all industry standard mail protocols, including IMAP, POP3, MAP, SMTP, ActiveSynce, BES, and SyncML via standard and secure ports.
  • Sync your accounts with over 2,000 mobile devices, including iPhones, Androids, and Blackberry phones.
  • Protomail’s desktop like webmail interface includes robust groupware features such as shared calendars, notes, tasks, and contacts. Users can customize their Webmail interface based on language, configure customized mail rules, and manage an unlimited number of 3rd party mail accounts all from the same portal. Users can also configure multiple identities, email forwarding, and DropBox and GoogleDrive integration directly.

Geo-clustering & Archiving

  • Incoming email for ALL ProtoMail mailboxes are automatically replicated to 3 globally diverse data centers for full disaster recovery.
  • Every message is saved for a period of 14 days and users can have mail re-delivered from any day or time period.
  • Administrators can also configure automatic email archiving specifying their own frequency and retention based on mailbox, folder, date, and file sizes. Items or folders can then be directly restored via ProtoMail powerful web based management interface.

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