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Webair’s EZPanel provides you with a powerful and versatile tool to control your account via a friendly and intuitive interface. You can manage sites, servers, databases, ftp accounts, IPs, webmail, and even important add-ons like CDN and cloud storage accounts, all within EZPanel. Need to install WordPress? No problem! Take advantage of EZPanel’s one-click installation feature for the most popular open-source software. EZPanel also lets you manage your account, communicate with our technical support staff, and even view billing information. It’s not just easy… it’s EZPanel!


1. Go to http://cp.webair.com from your web browser.



2. Enter username and password :


3. Once you are logged in you have access to some of EZPanel Features.

  • Manage account information, including personal, contact, and billing information!
  • Administrate all aspects of your managed hosting plan: sites, servers, ftp, databases, crontabs, dns, IPs, security, and more!
  • Communicate with technical support staff via tickets and live chat!
  • Track bandwidth and storage usage on a per site, per server, or overall basis!
  • Use one-clicks for installing popular software or adding new services to your account!


ezpanel default screen

Also  EZPANEL is optimized for the mobile experince which allows you access all of the ezpanel services from your smartphone.

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