Understand My CDN


Our CDN technology provides unparalleled throughput and responsiveness — video plays smoothly without stalling or choppiness,audio files start instantly, as if they were on your hard drive and software downloads are lightning fast and achieve high completion rates.


On the My CDNs page you’ll see something like this:



Webair CDN Button

The Webair CDN button will take you to your control interface for your CDN account. This will allow you to view your CDN stats and usage as well as create and configure any new CDNs that you want.“]



Domain Listing

The listing of domains is what you have configured as your CDN’s. It’ll also list the status of your DNS for these CDNs to work properly.“]


If your domain says Configured then you’re all set and may only need to wait until DNS propagates at your end.


If your domain says Not Configured then you are missing a DNS entry for your CDN domain. Please see this article on how to fix that: How do I change my DNS for CDN usage?


If your domain says Improperly Configured  then you have a DNS entry for your CDN domain but it’s not pointing to the correct location. Please see this article on how to change that: How do I change my DNS for CDN usage?


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