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Security Wordpress

WordPress security tips

  WordPress is one of the most used application to post content on the internet. ¬†WordPress is an open source platform where people have been using it free of charge, to both post blogs or websites. WordPress offers a variety of easily install-able themes and an assortment of Plug-ins that help customize web pages. One …


Password Strengths

Today, everyone creates a password for a variety of services but in our growing digital age it’s imperative that your passwords be created strongly. Your¬†passwords will act as your first line of defense for Logging into your Server in root access ,email access, EZpanel login,and much more. Here at Webair we strive to have a …

EzPanel Security

What is an Account Passphrase?

  Webair offers an extra layer of security to our clients when calling in regarding support called an Account Passphrase. This will be asked when calling into our phone support in order to ensure the person calling is verified to make a support request. To enable your Account Passphrase: 1.1 Log into your EZPanel at …