Set Up Email for Thunderbird


This article will explain the steps on how you should properly install your email through Thunderbird.

Question: Why would you want me to install the mailing system, Thunderbird.

Answer: Thunderbird is a Free mailing service for anyone to use whether you have a Windows PC, a Mac, or a Linux box. Compared to Microsoft Outlook, paying for Thunderbird is not required, and besides, free is better for everyone!


If you do not have Thunderbird, Please go into your default browser and type in:




Once you are in Mozilla’s Thunderbird webpage, Click on Thunderbird Free Download, to Download Thunderbird.




If you have accepted and allowed Thunderbird to install into you personal computer, awesome! Good job! You are now ready to set up your email.


Open up the application and if you had successfully opened up Thunderbird, the interface should look like this below:




Please right click on the left side below Outbox. There you will see more options. Next, Please hover your mouse over settings and select it. Clicking on settings will bring up an Accounts Settings that will enable you to add your email account.




Account Settings is shown below:





In order for you to add your account, please click a the button, Account Actions. The button will expand and will show you more options to do with an account. For now, Please click Add Mail Account.

A Mail Account Setup window will pop up. Please put in your Name, Email address and Password.


Your name: Kenny Joseph 

Email Address:

Password: samplesample






IMPORTANT!!! We have updated our mailing system so please fill out IMAP and SMTP as followed.

Incoming : IMAP 

  • Server Hostname: (example:
  • Port: 143 
  • SSL: None 
  • Authentication: Normal Password

Outgoing: SMTP

  • Server Hostname: (example:
  • Port: 587 
  • Authentication: Normal Password




For testing purposes, if port 587 does not work please try if 25, 225 works as well.

Please press the Re-test button. If this warning popup comes up, please do not be alarmed. You must accept the certificate in order for you to continue further.






After you have checked, I understand the risks and pressed the button Done, wait for everything to process and you should get an inbox.


NOW time to test if you are able to send and receive mail.


Please test your email by sending it to a personal account such as a gmail account, yahoo account, etc.

after you press the send button on your test email, another popup will come through.. Please accept the certificate as well.

Please press the button Confirm Security Exception.





Finally, reboot your Thunderbird program. 

DONE! You have successfully set up your email with Thunderbird

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