Users Logged Into Server

This article explains on how to identify those who you do not know that are on your server. This can definitely eliminate the curiosity that people can have when taking care of your server. I can relate to you guys, because I, myself have a server. It is IMPORTANT always monitor your server in case someone gets int your server ‘though the backdoor.’

Note: The commands below can also work with Linux

Display who is on the server

You can display whoever is on the server by the commands below:

$ who

$ who | less 

In case you know specifically who is on, use a grep command below:

$ who | grep renriquez


Once Identified, you are able to see what they are doing below:
$ w
The w command is very helpful to identify who has logged into a server.

After you inserted the w command, a list will appear. The w command is very useful because it views specifically who has logged in, what time, what date, and what did they log in as.

Code is below:

12:56PM up 38 days, 20:21, 3 users, load averages: 0.03, 0.03, 0.00
root v0 – 12Dec14 38days -bash (bash)
root pts/0 Mon06PM 1:59 -bash (bash)
root pts/1 12:56PM – w


The last utility command to display a list the sessions for:USERS, TTYS
and HOST, in reverse time order, OR list USERS that are logged in included with the date and time.

$ last
$ last root

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